Centurion Black provides vessel management services for select Mercedes Benz Executive Class Sprinter. Our charter solution can better utilize your Sprinter and boost potential revenue. Review and approve every voyage; you are in control. Let us tailor-fit our vessel management package to your specific needs. 

Generate Passive Income & Reduce Ownership Costs: We shape a charter revenue program to achieve your financial objectives. From a few trips a year to cover vessel expenses to maximizing the revenue potential of your vessel, the choice is yours.

Low Vessel Impact: We specialize in local day trips versus regional and long-term rentals.  Our optimal target is to average no more than 25 monthly hours per vessel. Our model maintains charter exclusivity, limits liability, and maintains operating margins.

Charter Accountability: Your client is our client.  We monitor and oversee the entire traveler experience.  We extend the same level of care for your vessel that we do for our corporate-owned fleet. We maintain a direct line of communication with each owner to ensure the highest level of care.

Vessel Maintenance: Most Sprinter Executive Class owners don’t have the time or expertise to manage their vessels or prefer not to. Centurion Black Vessel Management is the perfect solution to protect their asset while maximizing the utilization of the vessel. Through our purchasing power, the scale of our operation, and Sprinter niche, we can quickly and adequately cover all aspects of vessel maintenance to ensure your coach remains in optimal condition.

With charter requests stemming from clients, brokers, and other operators and our network of support partners, we can generate charter revenue for owners who choose to offset operating costs while maintaining your vessel to peak condition.

Sprinter Vessel Management by Centurion Black

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